Vacation for Dogs!


Welcome to The Ranch!

In August of 2012 Walker Ranch was purchased by Ben and Nicole Walker. The Ranch sits on 2.5 acres and is home to one horse, two donkeys, and two dogs. Ben Walker, a Michigan native, and Nicole Walker, a Wisconsin native both have a passion for animals and see the importance in providing dog-sitting accomodations as a 'host-home' that is well-maintained and is not over-saturated with too many dogs at one time.

"While dog-sitting is a 24/7 commitment, we see the importance in providing a place where a sense of knowledge about dogs is combined with an accommodating environment."

While each dog is unique with his or her own personality we are never willing to compromise taking a dog that could potentially harm us, or any doggie guests that may be staying with us. Dogs that come into our home must be a good fit for both parties, which is why each new dog must complete an assessment beforehand. This means, we want your dog to be comfortable with his or her surroundings and be a good house guest.

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